Curtain Fabric for Design and Warmth

by | Nov 2, 2011 | Home And Garden

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When looking for new curtains, it is important to consider the purpose of the décor and ultimate style of the room. Curtains are more than just a way to ensure privacy; they can enhance a room and help with weatherization. curtain fabric can create a new look, tie the other elements of a room together, or help keep a room warm in the winter.

The popular materials for curtains are linen, lace, cotton, and acrylic. Each type of fabric serves a different purpose, and homeowners can use these curtains in different ways. Careful selection will make sure the selected curtains make the right statement for a room.

Linen and cotton curtains are durable, versatile and a way to make a room welcoming. For those who live in a home where every item serves a purpose, cotton curtains are casual and friendly instead of stiff and formal. They are suitable for a child’s bedroom, family room, or dining room because they are easy to clean. They are a great way to keep the sun out of a room, keeping it cool in the hot summer months.

For those who are looking for a touch of warmth, acrylic curtains are an excellent choice. They are light and airy, softening a décor. These curtains are a good choice for a living room or kitchen where keeping out sunlight or ensuring privacy is not as important.

If a homeowner is looking to add a touch of elegance to a room, they should purchase lace curtains. This fabric is strong, yet breezy and delicate in appearance. Dining rooms, sitting rooms, or areas where the décor is traditional are rooms where lace curtains are a nice touch.

If a room is often cold because of drafty windows, insulated curtains can add warmth and reduce utility bills. These cotton curtains have a special backing that blocks warm or cold air from entering a room. If a home has older windows, they are often drafty and difficult to seal. Insulated curtains are an effective way to stop drafts if replacing the windows isn’t a viable option.

Curtain fabric is more than just a matter of choosing the color that goes with the bedspread or keeping out the prying eyes of nosey neighbors. Curtains make a statement and can add to or detract from a décor. With proper care, selecting curtains can help a room look and feel warmer.

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