Benefits of GPS Fleet Management

by | Nov 2, 2011 | Business

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GPS fleet management offers several benefits to businesses. GPS systems consist of tracking devices installed in the vehicles with a wireless modem that transmits information to software. This is used to track vehicles and gather a wide range of data about vehicles and employees for more effective management decision-making.

A good GPS fleet management system is used to track the location of vehicles, mileage and fuel consumption. This information can be used to reduce fuel costs and achieve better environmental benefits.

The GPS device in the vehicle also collects information that can be used for driver and trip profiling. Create a profile of a specific driver or trip with information from the vehicle tracking system. This offers several benefits for driver management and resource management functions.

Fleet management is about maximizing vehicle efficiency. This includes fuel efficiency, effective use of your company vehicles and maximizing the lifespan of your vehicles. A GPS fleet management system can be used to improve the efficiency of your company vehicles, including energy efficiency and preventive maintenance to reduce vehicle repair costs and maximize the lifespan of your company vehicles.

The information gathered from GPS fleet management systems can also be used for scheduling and dispatching purposes. If there is a question about arrival times or an employee needs to be diverted to a specific customer, you can use the GPS tracking information to better allocate your resources and provide more effective customer service.

The data from a GPS fleet management system is available through either a conventional software product or a web-based application. Web-based software offers the flexibility to access information from any business location or your home computer to obtain crucial information about your fleet, and to make split-second business decisions with the benefit of continually updated information.

RASTAC offers GPS fleet management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Whether you have a small fleet of cars or an extensive fleet of vehicles that includes cars, vans, trucks and heavy equipment, RASTRAC asset tracking systems can provide a custom solution to meet your fleet management needs.

Browse the RASTRAC website to learn more about this cost-effective GPS fleet management solutions for businesses in construction, oil and gas, transportation, security, education and other industries. RASTRAC provides custom solutions to businesses in the United States and over 60 other countries. Contact us or search our website for a dealer near you.

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