Why do people like supernatural true stories ?

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People are fascinated to talk and read about supernatural and paranormal activities. The topic of the supernatural comes up often during an idle chat, movies, novels, plays and legend. The term supernatural means an existence beyond the natural. To some people it is a myth while some believe in its existence. It is a topic which has been long debated upon. People belonging to the world of science are skeptical to believe in ghosts and prove it to be mere fiction while some people believe in them because of personal encounters with them or because they have heard stories about them from their close ones.

We often ponder over the question of what will happen to us after we die. According to the scriptures physical death is a freedom from the bondages of spiritual death. The supernatural is a way to explain that spirits return to haunt the living because of some unfinished work or in search of help to move forward towards the realms of God. People with the psychic gifts are able to encounter paranormal activity and strangeness while those who do not have the gift are often mesmerized to hear about them. People who have observed paranormal activities have found it difficult to explain them. The spirits can be harmful or benevolent  depending on the kind of life they have lived on earth.

The questions regarding the existence of a world of beings whom we cannot see is a mystery still and thus is a popular topic to be written and spoken about since the dawn of time. Most of us have heard stories from people who confess being present during a paranormal activity. We have often even felt the presence of someone when in reality there was no one present next to us. Many have even confessed on hearing voices or their names being called out, this might be in the realms of the mind, it might even lead us to consider if supernatural true stories are actually true. To most people it is unbelievable as they have not encountered any such strange activity and prefer to believe in their non-existence while some who have faced the unnatural force have shared their experience by writing and making movies about them. Though these topics garner a lot of attention and the books are sold in large numbers and leads to the success in the box office the question about the existence remains a mystery.

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