Use Mexican Food Distribution New Jersey Mixed with Fresh Ingredients for Healthier Mexican Recipes

by | Dec 14, 2011 | Shopping

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It doesn’t seem to matter if it is in the middle of summer time or the coldest day in the winter, there is something about a good authentic Mexican meal that just makes a person feel all warm and happy. The problem that many people run into is that while they really love to eat Mexican food and love the sense of contentment they get after eating one, they are so worried about their health that they only treat themselves to their favorite Mexican dinner on really special occasions.

When you go out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner there really isn’t anything you can do to make the food healthier, you’ll get what they serve you and so it is up to you to choose the healthiest thing on the menu. If you are willing to learn how to cook for yourself, you’ll find that it is possible to make Mexican food a great deal healthier so that you can enjoy your favorite Mexican dishes more frequently.

One of the first things you want to do is go online and place an order with a Mexican food distribution New Jersey company. The food that you get from the company is not only going to be cheaper, but it is going to be made with better ingredients and will taste considerably better than they food you might get from other sources. By placing a large order with the Mexican food distribution New Jersey you’ll know that you have enough ingredients to make several of your favorite dishes and you won’t have to worry about running out of ingredients half way through the preparation phase of the meal.

One of the best ways to make your Mexican dish healthier is to make sure that you are using really lean beef when you are cooking. Keep in mind that pasture fed beef is going to be a great deal leaner than corn fed beef.

The other thing that will make your Mexican dish healthier is by using more salsa and less guacamole. Salsa is full of antioxidants and other things that your body really needs. The guacamole isn’t really bad for you, but it is going to be more fattening than the salsa will be. The other thing you are going to want to cut back on is the sour cream. You’ll actually be surprised at how much better your meal tastes when you cut the amount of sour cream and guacamole that you use in half.

Whenever possible try to mix the Mexican food distribution New Jersey ingredients with ones that are as fresh as possible. The reason for this is because the vegetables you use for your Mexican cooking have the highest nutrient value when they are fresh. The older they get, the less healthy they become.


It is possible to use Mexican food distribution New Jersey combined with some other ingredients to make your favorite Mexican meals less expensive and healthier. For more information, visit

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