What To Do If You Have An Automobile Accident In Daytona Beach, FL

by | Mar 20, 2013 | Uncategorized

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There is so much trauma when you have an automobile accident in Daytona Beach, FL, even if the accident is relatively minor. Nobody likes the idea of having to deal with all of the difficulties that come with dealing with insurance, car repairs, possible car rentals, and maybe even doctors, hospitals, and attorneys. However, no matter how careful of a driver you are, accidents are a fact of life and it would certainly be unusual for someone to get through life without ever being involved in one. Having a plan of how you will deal with things is a good plan. Most insurance companies do give you a checklist and some contact numbers so that you can make sure to do everything is done correctly, but If you do not have such a list, here are some suggestions.

First of all, you want to call the police and the ambulance or fire department. No matter what sort of damage is done to your vehicle, in order to get it fixed, you need to have an accident report. The police will also help you gather all the appropriate information as far as insurance information on all the parties involved as well as their contact information and all of the witnesses, passengers, etc. Although theoretically you could do it yourself, but the police have the gravitas to get it and get it correctly from the first time around and of course if somebody lies to the police or gives bad information, they have legal ramifications to deal with. And, of course, if anybody is injured you want to get an ambulance there. Delaying treatment after an accident in Daytona Beach, FL could lead to more difficulties later on, so treatment for injuries is a major issue.

It is also a good idea for you to take pictures of the accident in Daytona Beach, FL with your phone if you have that option. Taking pictures of the position of the cars and the damage as well as the rest of the road and anything else that was pertinent to the accident could really come into play later on if you have to defend yourself or go to court to get damages from the other driver.

Then you should contact your insurance company with all of the information from the accident so that they can go about starting to help you with your claim and getting your car repaired and all of your different costs covered.


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