Dish TV: Basic Infrastructural Requirement

by | Oct 12, 2011 | Entertainment And Media

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According to press releases published at the end of 2010, Dish TV customers reportedly spent 18% less, as compared to DirecTV users, on their satellite connections. If you are keen to join the Dish Network family, it would indeed be a wise decision to make. Offering the most advanced packages at highly affordable rates, Dish TV emerges as a clear market leader. You can choose from the several installation services that offer these connections through an online search. Make sure you evaluate your options well before choosing, however.

What Do You Need for a Basic Dish TV Installation?

It is very important to have basic knowledge of the primary prerequisites for having a Dish TV connection up and running. Not only does it help in evaluating the services extended to you by your service provider, it also allows you plug lapses on their part, if any. Some of the primary requirements include:

* You need to have an RG-6 cable ready with you.

* You will also require coaxial connecting cables.

* Grounding equipment will also be mandatory.

* Weather sealant will be needed for enabling connections and structure penetration work.

* In most cases, the receiver and the dish will have to be purchased by you. This is because the choices pertaining to such equipment will depend on the kind of reception you are aiming for or the package deal you have chosen. For example, if your Dish TV service package includes HDTV and DVR, you will need receivers that are compatible with HD and DVR, and so on.

* When you have your Dish TV satellite dish installed, always make sure that it faces southwards.

* Make sure that there aren’t any physical obstructions to the dish, such as buildings, windows, trees, billboards and so on.

* The spot chosen for installing your dish should not be one that is difficult to access. You might need to fix certain problems later. Also, cleaning the dish on a regular basis is mandatory. Therefore, have your dish installed in a place that you can easily reach.

* Ideally, the dish should be installed at a place that which is closest to the TV set. Both should be kept in straight alignment with each other.

Whether you choose to install your Dish TV by yourself or choose to hire installation services, the above requirements have to be met. In case a service provider has been engaged, never forget to check the quality of the fittings they use for installation purposes.

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