What is an Auto Accident Attorney?

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Articles

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There you were, driving along down the highway with your family and on your way for a relaxing weekend getaway in the beautiful mountain of Tennessee. Until the car coming up on your rear decided to swerve around the guy in the lane next to you, which then caused him to lose control of his car and cause a multiple car pileup all over the highway. After you get everyone’s health checked over, what is the next step you should take? Hire an auto accident attorney in Knoxville TN”.

An Attorney’s Specialty

Even if you aren’t in the city, an auto accident attorney in Knoxville TN is the best route to go. People may be passing through the city getting to another location, but since the accident happened there, an attorney from the same location is a good idea. The attorney will be familiar with the area, the other lawyers, the judges and even who to deal with when it comes time to dealing with medical claims. And if an accident happened in that county, chances are any proceeding court cases, civil or criminal, will also roll through that same county.

The auto accident attorney in Knoxville TN will know best how to proceed, even in the case that you could live out of state or across the state. When the attorney is hired, then they are the ones filing the paperwork in the correct location, they show up to the court dates and they will represent you if you cannot get to court. Having a lawyer in the location of the accident prevents you from having to drive there repeatedly and spend your money on gas, getting time away from work and spending more money on the accident.

Types of Damages

Depending on your type of accident and the severity of the injuries will determine how much you are entitled to. The more horrific the accident, the more you are likely able to apply for. That doesn’t mean the other party will settle for the high amount or a judge will award it, but you can at least try for it. There are other things you can try and get reimbursed for and those expenses would include any towing needed on the vehicle, repairs, temporary transportation, loss of items in the vehicle, cost of missing out on vacation plans, the money spent on medical procedures, stays and out of pocket expenses. Damages can also be granted by a judge that include pain and suffering. This is not a cost associated with a specific bill, but one granted for what you are dealing with mentally and what you might need to deal with in the future.

An auto accident attorney in Knoxville TN is a firm who can represent you in the case of an accident. No matter what the cause, The Car Wreck Attorneys can represent you and get fair compensation for damages. Call their office at 865-684-4405 to schedule your appointment.



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