How to Buy Windows for your Home

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If you are considering buying windows in Edinburgh for a home remodel or renovation, the decision making process can be broken down in to four areas. These four areas are known as the Four C’s: Condition, Climate, Cost and Character.

Let’s start with Condition. The condition of a window is the most important fact when determining if you need new windows or not. When windows do not operate properly, i.e. they fail to open or close correctly, it is time to have them replaced. When windows leak or allow in moisture, they need to be replaced. Windows in Edinburgh that fail to insulate your home properly, affecting the ability to heat or cool your house, should be replaced.

Rather than replacing, you could just fix some of these problems. Things like re-caulking or weather stripping go a long way to extending the life of your windows in Edinburgh. However, all windows at some point, no matter how much TLC they get, will eventually need to be replaced.

The next ‘C’ is Climate. Where you live has a lot to do with how long your current windows will last. Living in humid areas or aired areas will have varying effects on your window’s performance, and if you live in an area where hurricanes occur, you may need to consider impact windows.

Character is the category which could potentially have the most effect on the value of your home. Changing your windows can dramatically change the style and appearance of your home, giving it that much needed boost of curb appeal. Wood windows bring charm, but they are expensive. Sliding windows make a modern statement. Vinyl windows, though they have limited colors and finishes, never need to be refinished.

The final consideration when buying windows for your home is Cost. For many homeowners, cost is the over-riding factor when deciding to replace existing windows. Do not be afraid to shop around, get several bids. There are direct wholesalers to consider and check the home and garden centers. Sometimes they will offer windows in Edinburgh which are slightly scratched for an unbeatable price.

Just like a new roof or new landscaping, prospective buyers regard newly replaced windows as very important. New windows can translate to a higher offer or a faster close when it comes time to sell your home.

Lastly, replacing old windows is generally not a do-it-yourself job. Unless you have the specialized tools and the skills of a carpenter, leave the install up to the pros.

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