TEMPUR Material – To Sleep or Not to Sleep?

by | Jun 4, 2012 | Home And Garden

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Tempur Material

Tempur Material

For a variety of reasons, Tempur-Pedic in Austin has grown in popularity over the years. With their patented TEMPUR material, they’ve managed to satisfy numerous customers in Austin by providing them with nights of restful sleep. But is a Tempur-Pedic mattress really something that you should invest in? You’d think that, considering how widely they’re used nowadays, it’d be impossible to go wrong with a Tempur-Pedic bed, but there are a few facts that you should think about before you decide to purchase one. Many people in Austin maintain that beds made of natural latex are a much better option than mattresses that use TEMPUR material, and there are various indicators pointing toward the possibility that they might be right.

For every proud owner of a Tempur-Pedic in Austin, there is a wealth of people who claim that they were dissatisfied with their purchase. One interesting fact to think about is that many of these very same people enjoyed their beds up until around three to five years after they initially bought them. Why might this be? Research indicates that while TEMPUR material does provide a considerable amount of comfort when new, it sort of loses its edge over time and can be even less relaxing to sleep on than traditional spring mattresses. This is true of a number of memory foam mattresses; after extended use, the consistency of the material changes in a way that can often cause sleepers to feel soreness upon waking. Proponents of latex mattresses in Austin often point out latex’s ability to retain its properties over a longer period of time, making it a more desirable option than TEMPUR material.

Sleepers who use Tempur-Pedic in Austin often report feeling hot and uncomfortable after a while of using their bed. TEMPUR material is designed to adapt to the user’s body heat, but this can be something of a double-edged sword in that the longer you sleep on a Tempur-Pedic bed, the more heat will be generated. Eventually, the mattress might start to feel irritatingly warm, which can contribute to nights of restless sleep.

Another reason to choose latex mattresses over Tempur-Pedic in Austin — perhaps the most important reason of all — is that latex is fully organic and much healthier to have around the house. The memory foam used to make Tempur-Pedic beds is based on material manufactured by NASA to be used to cushion aircraft seats. It’s filled with dangerous chemicals that shouldn’t be allowed to come into extended contact with people. TEMPUR material has been known to contribute to pain, nausea, and soreness of the throat, and these symptoms often disappear when sleepers switch to organic mattresses.

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