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Controlled Fentanyl is a drug approved for use on animals by means of injection. It can provide fast, long-lasting relief from pain.

The Right Dosage Equals Safe Pain Relief
Like all painkillers, controlled Fentanyl must be used as per the orders of the prescribing veterinarian, and should only be used according to the amount and schedule that they describe. With the right dosage and treatment of the responsible disease or injury, controlled Fentanyl can provide relief for many different types for animals. It is, however, an opioid, and so the usage and prescription of this drug will vary on a breed-by-breed basis.

How Controlled Fentanyl Works
Fentanyl is an opioid that fall into the same category as morphine. It is a very powerful painkiller that will bind to receptors throughout the nervous system of an animal. Once it has done so, it signals a feeling of euphoria to the brain, overriding signals of pain or discomfort. Because of the strength of this drug, controlled fentanyl is a form of distribution that will allow a human to dispense the drug as needed to the animal in their care. Controlled Fentanyl will have a minimum and a maximum amount recommended, and there are often safeguards to protect from overuse.

Side Effects of Fentanyl
Like all opioids, controlled fentanyl carries the risk of respiratory depression, which means that nerves related to breathing have been improperly affected by the drug. It may be difficult to diagnosis respiratory depression in its earliest stages, but it often manifests as fatigue, weakness, and drowsiness when not appropriate. If these symptoms are observed, it is important to speak with a veterinarian immediately about how controlled Fentanyl may be the cause. Follow their advice very carefully, as emergency care may be required in the event of a reaction to the drug.

The Benefits of Being Pain Free
The use of controlled Fentanyl can allow an animal to recover more quickly than they would without pain management, as they will be able to engage in activities that will promote regular circulation and diet. These activities can be greatly inhibited by pain, and the lack of blood flow and vitamin content could increase or even completely halt the process of recovery. Just as they are important for people, pain management drugs like Controlled Fentanyl play a crucial role in the initial treatment of and recovery from diseases and injuries of many different categories.

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