Swing Doors: Basic Features of This Classic Door Style

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Home And Garden

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If you are looking to add a new door or several new doors to your property, you will quickly find out that when it comes to choosing a door, you actually have a number of different options to choose from. While many people assume there are only a handful of different door styles, there are actually numerous options that you can turn to in order to achieve the style and functionality that you are looking for. If you, like many homeowners, are in the market for a classic style when it comes to choosing your new home door, then you may want to consider a swing door. Here are some basics regarding the swing door and why it is such a popular option in today’s market.

The swing door is actually one of the most common doors you will find in homes and commercial properties today. In fact, most people will have a swing door in their home. These are the doors that, as the name suggests, swing open and closed and usually lock with a knob of some type. Swing doors can be a great option for virtually any room in the home, and not just front doors or bedroom doors, but closets, pantries and more. The only thing to keep in mind when installing swing doors is space as you will need ample area in front of the door so that it can fully swing open and closed.

When it comes to getting a swing door, you can typically have a single swing door, or double swing doors (usually called a French door.) There are many people who put swing doors in areas like closets or to conceal washer and dryer machines who will prefer to use the French door, but both options operate in the same basic way and are held in place by hinges. When it comes to choosing your swing door options you will not only have to choose between single and double swing doors but you will also have to choose stylistic elements as well.

When it comes to ordering a new swing door for your home you will need to make decisions regarding the materials used on the frame and the type of front covering you want on your swing door. One of the biggest trends lately has been to have glass on the doors surrounding by a sturdy wood or metal frame, although the decision on how you want your swing door to look is entirely your own. You will have to choose what types of locks and handles you want for your doors as well. With these things in mind, you will want to pay a visit to a company that specializes in creating all types of doors so you can custom build the door that is right for you.

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