Subjects You Can Teach at TEFL Schools Around the World

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Education

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Education is the single most important thing in a person’s life, because it sets them up for the long road ahead. With a suitable education it is possible to delve into any job industry and when you teach at TEFL schools, you could be a part of this. There are many TEFL schools dotted around the globe and if you have a thirst for knowledge and a knack for speaking in front of large groups, this could be the career path for you. To get the job you are hoping for you must possess certain qualities that relate to the subject. If you would like to meet other teachers and foreign students it is worth learning about the subjects taught in TEFL schools.


You can find science jobs with various grade levels, such as primary and secondary. Lots of TEFL schools will require assistance from teachers who can show kids how things work, such as the Solar System. Before browsing for science teaching jobs it is worth looking at the resources to gain a better understanding of what is expected of you. Tools, lesson plans, dictionaries and activities can be found when you look for resources online and you can learn how to make science fun for your students, which is vital when teaching an entire class of excitable children.


Many industries require mathematics skills and this is why there are so many positions available at TEFL schools. Special effects, animation, computer science, forensic science, office work, admin work, architecture and hospital work are some examples of the jobs that need this subject. You should be able to work out basic sums if you are to teach mathematics in a foreign country and when you search for jobs you can decide what age group to teach. Pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, primary, secondary, university and adult jobs are being posted on a daily basis and with numerous printable worksheets available online, you can make each lesson interesting.


The majority of TEFL schools will seek out English teachers and because the English language is spoken in countries like China, India, South Africa, Pakistan, Japan and Kenya, to name a few, there is no wonder why the demand is so high. Before you get a job like this you should decide whether you want to teach students how to read or how to write. Don’t forget to download handwriting worksheets, grammar worksheets and listening tasks to increase productivity in the classroom.

There are many teaching subjects to choose from, including art, ICT, health and history and because this form of teaching is high in demand, you will never be short of jobs. To start crafting your TEFL resume, view the resources at

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