Frugality and Printing Services

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Business

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A certain mindset and personality type tends to do well as a small business owner. It takes a certain person to risk everything on a venture like that, and it takes an even rarer person to make it work well enough to support a family and lifestyle off of it. These personality types tend to be careful with money, not to say they’re miserly but they tend to not spend money on things they don’t need to. Running a small business tends to foster a DIY mindset. There are times where it is truly in the best interest of a business owner to pursue means of accomplishing tasks on their own. Some simple things just don’t need to be outsourced at all. If you have a small company you can probably limit how much you pay outsiders for clean up, there are of course other examples, and companies in a town like Austin are likely to fill a range of how much is outsourced, but the point remains that most small business owners seek to find a way to do something cheaply if not free where possible. Some services cannot be easily exported. Printing services are an interesting example.

Printing can be done in house, and for many things all you need is a basic home printer or a few. A photo copier can help round out the needs of many small offices. The problem is that for much beyond black and white text and maybe simple graphics the need to outsource becomes immediate. Printing services can aid simply by increasing the amount of options a company has. If you’re no longer bound to color copies, and not bound to basic photocopy paper you can do more interesting things with your printing. Now a startup company obviously shouldn’t pour too much of their budget into any one area, printing services included, but it can be a worthy investment.

One thing to keep in mind is that poorly copied and printed materials can look very amateur to potential customers and clients. In certain fields it’s important to look professional and like you know what you’re doing. Law is an overcrowded market, and it doesn’t matter where you are, Austin TX is overcrowded, as is New York City. If a lawyer doesn’t project the right image he or she may lose business. Having things be amateur looking where a few dollars would make it look like the work of a professional is a good thing for a lawyer. Printing services can help make the lawyer look successful and serious.

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