Auto Insurance is Important for Residents of Commerce, MI

by | Jun 15, 2013 | Insurance

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It is important to have auto insurance for both your own protection and for the protection of others. In today’s auto driven world, most people drive cars to get where they need to go. In cities such as Commerce, MI, most residents drive cars to get to work, to go to the store, to get to school and to travel. There are several types of Auto Insurance Commerce MI. In the state of Michigan, drivers fall under a “no fault” rule which means that injury costs will be paid under the injured person’s personal protection coverage, no matter who caused the accident, up to certain limits. Most states require drivers to carry at least liability coverage to protect other drivers against injuries and property damage in accidents they have caused. Many states require additional coverage before someone can legally drive a vehicle.

Types of Auto Insurance Commerce MI will include collision coverage where the insurance company for the person who is at fault in an accident covers the physical damage to a vehicle or property. The crash can be involving another vehicle or an object. Theft and other types of non-crash related loss are paid under a comprehensive coverage. Property damage coverage protects against damage that the at-fault driver causes to another vehicle or property in a crash. Bodily injury protection covers injuries caused to the other driver and their passengers in an accident. Personal injury protection covers injuries to the driver and passenger in the at-fault driver’s vehicle. Uninsured and underinsured protection covers injuries and damages caused by a driver without insurance or in the instance of a hit-and-run or when the driver simply doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the damage or injuries done.

Most states require drivers to carry proof of insurance at all times. Being caught without it can result in hefty fines, a suspended license or even time in jail. If an uninsured driver is at-fault in an accident, the injured driver will most likely have to sue for compensation. When an insured driver causes an accident, even the passengers in the damaged car are entitled to compensation for damages and injury. Potential liabilities in a major accident can be extremely costly and are almost impossible to plan for and save money for. That is why most people need car Insurance Commerce MI.

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