Why You Should Consider Installing Energy-efficient Lighting in Your Home

by | Oct 31, 2011 | Home And Garden

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Did you watch the documentaries by Al Gore and Matt Damon on the present ecological status of our planet Earth? Then you must have realized that for a variety of reasons, the situation calls for the conversation of energy in as many various ways as possible. So saving electrical energy, you could comprehensive contribute towards making our planet a better place to live. Thus it is very important to save energy. This will help you save some amount of money as well as every month you would not have to incur huge electricity bills.


Almost every other appliance in your household is powered up by electricity, so if these gadgets can be configured to save power, well and good. If not, don’t worry. Here’s another way you could do it: by installing energy-efficient lighting. For this purpose therefore, you need to contact a good electrician who would provide you valuable suggestion as to how you should go about saving current.


Nowadays, every electrical or electronic gadget comes with a tag that informs the consumer about how much electricity a certain device is likely to consume. Similarly most lights and lamp shades are manufactured in a way such that they save a lot of electricity and are long-lasting. The old incandescent filament based light bulbs  would use a lot of current and they used to produce more heat than light. But nowadays there are much better options, such as Compact Fluorescent Lamps and LED lamps. LED lamps use very little power to produce bright light. CFLs are halogen gas-based, and those too perform really well. They save around 30% power when compared to conventional bulbs. Over the last decade, these two forms of lighting have attained high popularity even if they initially cost a little more than standard incandescent bulbs.


It often happens that people forget to turn off the lights and fans after they have been in a certain room for example in toilets, halls, and stairwell. If lights with programmable timers are fitted in these places, then you can definitely save a significant amount of money. And with CFLs and LEDs, the places where they are installed are well lit, while at the same time they are pocket-friendly and good for the environment as well.


Are you planning to install energy-efficient lighting in your home in Minneapolis? Lighting contractors operating in this State can help you do that, without breaking the bank.


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Minneapolis LightingPlanning to install energy-efficient lighting in your home in Minneapolis? Lighting contractors like Mister Sparky can help you do just that, without having to dig deep into your pockets.

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