Why Storage Units are a Convenient Option

by | Oct 21, 2011 | Business

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Nowadays a client can expect much more from renting storage units than they ever did from traditional warehouses. With computerized engineering adding convenience to your storage experience, modern facilities offer a wide range of value added services to their clients.

Self storage units offer 24 hour video surveillance to monitor the safety of you and your belongings stored on the premises. One in ten of all facilities in the US are self storage facilities and so security is of paramount importance. Besides computerized gate access using electronic keypads or proximity cards, some ultra modern facilities are further resorting to more sophisticated methods for restricting access to private storage units. Biometric thumbprints and hand scanners may also find use in the future and are currently being used for some self storage units. From excess inventory and archived records for small businesses to household goods, boats and RVs for families and individuals, these facilities offer a valuable and necessary service where space is at a premium. Statistics show that one in ten American households now rent self storage units, making it a growing and lucrative business. Factors that have contributed to the consistent high demand in such units are lifestyle choices and transitions that make renting cargo space a necessary option. With more marriages ending in divorce, storage units remain a place to keep one spouse’s belongings until he or she can settle in to their new living situations. When an individual retires or moves into a smaller home with changed circumstances the only way to store their personal belongings would be to rent storage units. Another key element to consider is the fact that some 40 million Americans move every year (US Census figures) and temporary storage is the only way to manage their possessions while they change their homes and addresses. Death in the family and disposal of the home of the deceased also adds to demand for renting these units.

The various types of units available also allow clients multiple choices in rental facilities. Spaces may be climate controlled or not, have WI-FI access and offer different storage facilities for vehicles like boats and RVs. In areas susceptible to storms and hurricanes you can expect the units to have hurricane proofing and reinforced walls for their storage units. High end boat owners can avail enclosed storage for their expensive boating equipment. Special parking bays may be made available for long RVs or some facilities offer smaller RVs enclosed storage units. Eustis, FL can avail of local facilities offering premium services with most of the latest amenities at affordable prices.

Storage Units Eustis FLWhen looking for affordable storage units, Eustis, FL residents can rely on the state of the art facilities at Pak It Inn – Florida for all their storage needs.

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