Why Should You Hire a Pedestrian Lawyer in Fredericksburg VA?

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Every day, pedestrians are struck and hurt in accidents. This is often because drivers are careless and refuse to obey the traffic laws, putting people’s lives in danger. When a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle, the injuries can be life-threatening. Depending on the speed of the driver and the type of vehicle, the impact can cause immediate death. If you are a pedestrian that was injured because of a driver, you have rights to get help for your injuries. You have the right to pursue many different types of compensation from the responsible driver and need to make sure these rights are protected through hiring a Pedestrian Lawyer Fredericksburg VA.

When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, there is no protection for the person. The impact between the car and the road can often leave a person with serious injuries. Sometimes, these injuries can cause debilitating disability. The first step you need to take if you have been injured in such an accident is to get medical help right away. Doctors often see massive internal injuries in these types of accidents, so it is important you are checked right away, to rule out any serious injuries. This will also allow you to be under the care of a doctor so you will have medical proof for your injuries in your court case.

Once you have decided on a Pedestrian Lawyer Fredericksburg VA, he or she will be able to begin taking complete control over your case. This allows you the opportunity to be fully focused on healing from your injuries and getting the medical care you need. The attorney will first file a case with the court system and a hearing will be scheduled. Before the hearing, there is often a mediation process, to try and settle the case. Whether settled in mediation or before a judge, the Pedestrian Lawyer will work to get you the maximum amount of compensation allowed under the law.

If you are pedestrian who was hit by a driver not obeying the law or being careless, you need a lawyer on your side. Contact the law offices of John P. Harris III and get the help you need in pursuing a case against the responsible party.

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