Why Hire Social Security Attorneys Chicago

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Bad things happen to good people. People who have worked all of their lives find themselves unable to work for one reason or another and are suddenly forced to file for Social Security disability. While the initial filing of a claim seems very straight forward at the beginning, what happens thereafter is anything but that. A very high percentage of the Social Security Disability claims are turned down or denied at the initial stage. There may be a need for additional documentation or no real explanation at all.

These claims will then proceed to the next appeal stage which includes a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. It is at this level that Social Security Attorneys Chicago can really help to make your case. While they cannot guarantee you a win at this level they will ensure that your case is fully prepared to go forth. They are experienced and will know the type of information that the court is looking for and what additional documentation you may need based on the factors of your case. Most people have no idea of how to prepare their case and often times if unrepresented will be denied their appeal on this level as well.

People may feel that they cannot afford an attorney due to the fact that they are not working and do not have income coming in but what they do not realize is that Social Security Attorneys Chicago get paid on a contingency basis. There is even a cap on the fees that they can receive. This means that they only get paid if the case is won. This gives them even more incentive to ensure that all of the information that you need to prepare you claim is in place prior to the hearing. The better the case the greater the chance that the social security benefit will be approved and therefore the attorney will be paid. Why take on the legal system alone when you can have an advocate on your side when trying to get your Social Security Disability in Chicago who will take the necessary steps to put you in the best position to get the income that you need and deserve.

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