Why Hire New York Commercial Cleaning Services?

by | Jun 13, 2012 | Articles

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As of 2008, the US commercial cleaning industry was estimated at $80 annually, which is expected to grow to $155.3 billion by 2010. According to economists, the figures signify the industry’s status as recession-resistant. This ever-increasing demand for cleaning services, especially New York commercial cleaning services, is attributed to its ability to enhance workplace safety, ensure compliance to regulatory requirements and even enhance business prospects. Here is how…

Benefits of Hiring New York Commercial Cleaning Services

Here are the main benefits of hiring New York commercial cleaning services:

  • Reduce employee absenteeism: As diseases such as SARS and Swine flu spread, the only way to prevent these is to maintain clean and healthy work environment. Clean environment reduces the chances of employees and visitors catching illnesses; while dirty, grime-filled office harbor pathogens that lead to employee absenteeism and decrease productivity. The best cleaning services sanitize the workplace by utilizing green, environment-safe products.
  • Creating the right image: A clean workplace helps create the right impression on visitors and prospective clients. A dirty one, on the other hand, and reduces your chances of landing new deals and business. Besides, unhygienic environment also exposes visitors to harmful microbes that cause illnesses. However, with the services of professional New York commercial cleaning company, your workplace looks and remains clean and healthy.
  • Working with hazardous chemicals: If you are working with hazardous materials, you will require professionals’ services to avoid spillage and to protect workers. Any inappropriate use can hamper workplace safety, leading to harmful repercussions.
  • Avoid accidents: Seeking professional cleaning services also ensures clear floors and pathways (free of litter) and with everything in its place. This helps prevent accidents as people do not trip over things, thus ensuring a safe workplace.

Besides, professional New York cleaning companies are equipped to handle demanding tasks within hours, using specialized machines and products. Some services offered are floor, carpet, window, restroom and building cladding, cafeteria and kitchen cleaning. The cleaning can be done in intervals or on a regular basis to ensure safe, hygienic and healthy workplace. The cleaning products they use are also environment friendly, thus ensuring environmental safety and protection.

However, before choosing a New York commercial cleaning company, be sure to verify their credentials. Get quotes from different companies and compare them to find one that offers the best services at the best rates.

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