What’s Men’s Hair Gel And Why You Should Care – A Study In Male Grooming

by | May 28, 2013 | Business

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Men’s hair gel is a grooming product that is applied to a man’s hair while it is still wet; it helps with the styling process. The product can be in a number of different forms; it can be a true gel; it can have more of a liquid consistency, and it can also be had as a spray-on.

Mens hair gel comes in different consistencies, which give different holding power; the gel can vary from a very light hold to very heavy. Hair gel is the most frequently used styling product for hair which is not blow dried, hair styles which are allowed to dry naturally in the air.

Hair gel is available in styling salons, department stores and drug stores, it’s literally everywhere.

Men’s hair gel, although a styling product that is often used for its “wet look” effect, is also really effective when the user wishes to have his hair stand straight up or crunched.

Crunching is a style where the wearer bunches his hair. Gel can also be used to augment a curl, either natural or chemically induced. Although it is most often used for the wet-look, gel can be applied and then the hair can be dried with a blow dryer or heat styling. Of course, most guys don’t have time for that.

The way to apply the gel all depends of the type you have purchased.

If your choice is spray or pump gel, then you simply spray the gel on your hair, making sure you get it down to the roots as well. Once the gel is on your hair, work it in with your hands and then comb or brush your hair into the style you want. If your choice of application is either regular or liquid consistency, squeeze or pour a drop into the palm of your hand.

The size of the dollop will be about the diameter of a quarter. Rub your hands together and then work the gel into your hair. The amount you need depends very much on the length of your hair, for long hair you will need more if your intention is to cover all the strands.

Gel is not designed for use on hair which is dry; it must be applied to wet hair or towel-dried hair.

Gel acts the same as other products which are applied to damp hair; it can be re-activated during the day with a light spray of water or with water on the surface of your comb. It is very easy to reset your hair if you have been caught in a wind storm. If you have dampened your hair, a small additional drop of gel can be used.

Like other styling aids, en’s hair gel can build up on the hair when used frequently. To remove it all, use a clarifying shampoo followed by a conditioner. Now you’re a gel expert, go forth and prosper.

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