What to Expect from Wrongful Death Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale

by | Jul 13, 2022 | Law Services

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Losing a loved one is devastating. It’s even more tragic when someone’s actions or negligence caused the death. In addition, grieving family members often face many other challenges, including financial ones. Once you process the reality, you start to notice the effects, such as loss, medical bills, and more.

Wrongful death attorneys in Fort Lauderdale help people who have lost loved ones due to the negligence of another party in a motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, and more. These a attorneys are professional, compassionate, and educated. They will fight for justice for you and your loved ones.

What Is Wrongful Death?

You can hire wrongful death attorneys in Fort Lauderdale when a loved one passes due to the negligence of another person. Florida law allows survivors to file a claim when loved ones are killed as a result of vehicle accidents, other accidents that occur as a result of a dangerous and defective products, bike accidents, boating or cruise ship accidents, railroad accidents, aviation accidents, construction on accidents, medical malpractice, and any other fatality from negligence.

What Your Attorney Can Do

When you work with wrongful death attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, you have the support of a skilled, caring, and experienced partner. The attorneys at Ginnis & Krathen PA, have the experience needed to reach a proper settlement for your case to bring your family justice.

It can be overwhelming to deal with the details, and they will make it easy for you. They know how to handle the big insurance companies and hold the other party responsible for their actions. You can meet with them, discuss the details of your case, and leave the rest to them. They will do everything possible to get you the compensation on you deserve.

Contact Ginnis & Krathen PA, Fort Lauderdale wrongful death lawyers online or by phone today for a free consultation at (954) 710-6748.

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