What To Expect From Social Security Disability Lawyers

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The United States Federal government administers Social Security, a program that provides cash benefits to retired individuals as well as people who cannot earn a living because they suffer from a physical or mental disability. Social Security disability lawyers in Missouri deal in cases that fall into the second bracket, these legal professionals have specialized knowledge of the rules and regulations that apply to Social Security, they help people with the claims process. Although applicants often do hire a lawyer to help right from the beginning of the process, the greatest majority turn to a lawyer when their application is rejected.

For an individual to receive disability benefits he or she must be able to prove that they are truly disabled and not able to perform any gainful work. This sounds easy, but the truth is very different; the SSA uses a detailed and complex process to determine if the applicant is disabled according to “their rules.” The process includes a detailed study of the applicant’s medical records, past work history and whether or not the claimed disability is one found in the administrations “blue book.” Social Security disability lawyers in Missouri know exactly what the administration are looking for, what documents and other proof they expect to see, they can work with their clients ensuring that they provide neither too little or too much information to support the claim.

When disability lawyers are perhaps most beneficial to a client is when the initial application is returned and benefits are denied. The lawyer will firstly contact the SSA and ask that the application be reconsidered, in some cases the claim will be approved at this stage but the majority of appeals go to an administrative law judge who will review the application in the presence of the applicant and their lawyer. As this is the first and only time that the applicant, the lawyer and a member of the administration will ever see one anther this is the ideal time for the applicant to reply directly to all questions and actually be in a position to demonstrate the disability. It is at this hearing that the claimant and his or her Social Security disability lawyers in Missouri can bring in experts who can testify to the claimant’s inability to perform due to their disability.

In the event the claimant is further denied benefits the lawyer can appeal to the Appeals Council where the findings of all those previously involved will be reviewed.

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