What to Consider When Buying Ski Towables

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When it’s time to take ski boat enjoyment to the next level, ski towables can make all the difference. For those friends and family members who just aren’t interested in skiing, these “toys” can deliver fun and enjoyment. This option is less physically challenging for individuals who either don’t want to ski or are unable to while still offering a fair amount of excitement. Selecting the right towables, however, is critical.

Fortunately, there are some rules of the road for picking out decent ski towables that can guide a purchase. Here are a few things to consider before making an investment:

Size Matters

Not all ski towables are designed to host multiple passengers. Using a towable used for one to transport multiple people can prove to be dangerous. Before selecting a towable to purchase, be sure to consider how many people are likely to want to ride at once. There are designs that can accommodate only a single passengers and options that range up to three and four passengers easily. The pricing may vary a bit based on size, but getting the right sized craft does make a difference.

Quality is Critical

Ski towables are not meant to be cheap inflatables that people can pick up at corner stores during the summer time. In order to deliver safety, these crafts must deliver quality by design. This means heavy duty construction, strong tow bar construction, heavy duty bladders and other features that are designed to ensure safe use.

High Profile and Visibility

These two factors combine to create a more comfortable ride for those being towed while also ensuring other pleasure craft users can see the towable in the water. The better towable manufacturers insist on creating craft that are easy to spot by using bright, bold colors. In addition, they make their towables to ride higher on the water so a safer, smoother ride is likely.


Ski towables can be rather costly investments if quality and safety are paramount. Don’t cut corners in making a purchase just to save a few bucks. If necessary, scale back on the size rather than quality.

If it’s time to offer non-skiers a recreational option, towables deliver. Just make sure a purchase is well researched for quality before putting money down.

When it’s time to take ski boat enjoyment to the next level, ski towables can make all the difference. Contact WOW World of Watersports for ski towables and water toys for boating.

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