What Services are Offered by Home Health Agencies?

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Lifestyle And Relationships

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Firstathome.com logo If you have an aging family member, someone who is incapacitated due to an accident or a member of your family who has a handicap, you may want to find out about what home health agencies can offer. There are a number of home health agencies in Florida and some of them may offer services that others don’t. In general, however, you will find that most home health agencies in Florida will offer similar home health care services. Here are some that you can find:

Skilled Nursing

When it comes to skilled nursing, you will find that most home health agencies will offer this type of service. This will be a service that will bring an LPN or RN into the home to care for your loved one. This is generally the type of service that will be needed for more serious cases. Some of the specific care that will be offered will include cardiac care, injections, post surgical care, wound care, glucose monitoring, catheter care and medication administration.

In Home Therapy

In addition to nursing, in-home therapy is also commonly offered by home health agencies. For instance, occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy are all available. Often times, this type of care is required following a surgery or accident, so being able to do this at home is something that many patients will surely appreciate.

Home Health Aides

You will also generally find that home health aides will be available from these organizations. These are different than skilled nurses. In this case, a home health aide will not have an RN or LPN license, but they will be fully trained as aides. Some of the duties that these aides can assist with include bathing, caring for hygiene of the patient, linen changes and other duties as needed. These aides will typically focus on the comfort of the patient over anything else.

Companion Care

Finally, you will find companion care is typically offered. With companion care, there will be very little medical interaction but a lot of general interaction. With this type of care you can expect someone to come in and help with things like meal preparation, socialization, assistance with light housekeeping and basically ensuring that your loved one is able to care for themselves with a little bit of help.

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