What materials are used in making drapes?

by | May 14, 2014 | Home And Garden

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Drapery fabric is any material that is used to cover a window or to design and develop a window treatment. Literally, any fabric can be used as a drapery fabric but not every fabric is suitable for every purpose. Very light sheer material allows a great deal of light in and can be purchased in easy to maintain synthetics, the drawback with sheers is the lack of privacy provided when using a heavier material. For sheers to look at their best they must be gathered into multiple folds. A material that looks quite attractive in a den or family room is a fabric-backed vinyl, it is however lacking in refinement that one would expect to find in a more formal setting.

One of the most popular choices for drapery fabric is cotton. Cotton material is available in a wide variety of patterns and colors; it is inexpensive, wears well and can be treated with a stain retardant. Cotton comes in an array of textures to meet almost any decorating challenge. When cotton is used for draperies, the drapes are often lined which gives them a sturdier feel which helps them to hang properly as well as blocking out light more efficiently. There are many cotton blends using polyester which are as successful a drape material as 100% cotton.

Linen, either as a standalone material or as a polyester blend is versatile and moderately priced. Pure linen has the tendency to crease and wrinkle but this is not the case with a linen and polyester blend. Drapes or curtains made from this material also is usually lined, providing the same benefits as it does for cotton drapes but as these materials have the tendency to stretch under their own weight, the lining helps to stabilize them.

Silk always has been the choice for formal settings. Dupioni silk can be dyed into brilliant colors and tones. Silk draperies can be found in some of the world’s most beautiful homes. Although it is fabulous for sitting rooms, dining rooms and other formal rooms in the house, the material is not suitable for rooms frequented by kids and pets. Lining is a necessity with silk as sunlight fades the colors, especially the darker ones.

Drapery fabric from Wolf Gordon allows the designer or homemaker to define space and make a fashion statement using a wide array of fine quality textiles.

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