What it Takes to Be a Good Motivational Speaker

by | Sep 22, 2012 | Business

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There has been a recent increase in people traveling the motivational lecture circuit. Although most of these speakers are collecting a check, it’s important that no one loses sight of exactly what it is that a motivational speaker does. They have a very important niche that they need to fill.

The job of the motivational speaker is to connect with their audience and convince each member of the audience that they can improve their life. This is usually done with jokes, stories, and anecdotes. Some speakers also use exercises to help make a point.

Even though they might be a ball of jelly on the inside, a good motivational speaker will never show any sign of nerves. They will always seem like they’re calm, cool and collected. Speakers who lack confidence, also lack the ability to speak with conviction. The best motivational speaker will usually have a type A or B personality. They tend to be natural leaders and usually stay calm when facing pressure.

Good speakers tend to be people who have a knack of observation. Not only do they have to be able to see things that they can use in their speeches, but they also have to be able to read the attitude of their audience and adjust their speech based on the reaction they seem to be getting. One of the traits that the most successful motivational speakers all seem to share is the ability to think fast.

The only way that a motivational speaker will be able to use their words to inspire an audience member to believe in themselves and to make the changes needed to improve their life, will be if the speaker can really connect with the audience. This isn’t always an easy to do, the larger the audience, the harder it will be for the speaker to connect with every single one of them. This tends to be what separates the really good speakers from the ones who never seem to hit the top of their field.

It really isn’t possible for a motivational speaker to reach the top of their game if they’ve never gotten any life experience. In order to connect with their audience, the speaker will not only had to have taken chances, but they will also have to figure out they can use what they learn to motivate others. They can’t be afraid to reveal personal events from their life, no matter how embarrassing or painful these events might be.

No matter how well prepared a motivational speaker might be when they get to an event, there’s a better than good chance that something will go wrong. Not only will the good speaker be able to quickly adapt to the change, but they will also be adept at laughing at themselves.

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