What is Used Today in Aesthetic Equipment?

by | Jan 12, 2012 | Business

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Having the right aesthetic equipment could determine whether or not you have a successful business. Quality spa and salon equipment is vital for those who are professional aestheticians. There are many different types of product out there for aestheticians and what is necessary for one might not be for another. Finding the right aesthetic equipment should be done with care, weighing options that are best for your business while still staying within your budget.

What are some Types of Aesthetic Equipment?
Those aestheticians who are looking for proper aesthetic equipment need to know what they are looking for before purchasing. Aesthetic equipment can range from high frequency machines, steamers, wax warmers, auxiliary furniture, magnifying lamps, brush apparatuses, hot towel cabinets, facial chairs, pedicure chairs and microdermabrasion machines.

Why do Aestheticians Need Professional Aesthetic Equipment?
Aestheticians need functional and professional aesthetic equipment to ensure that their businesses’ services are adequate enough to build a loyal customer base. Many aestheticians work for salons and spas that depend on the most up to date aesthetic equipment to better serve their customers. It’s not only important to have a properly trained and certified aesthetician, but also to provide the most up to date aesthetic equipment for overall customer satisfaction. To make a comparison, you wouldn’t give a talented musician a broken instrument and expect their performance to be of the highest caliber.

Considering that customers who seek out an aesthetician want their skin in peak physical condition, it can be assumed that they desire a clinic that can provide the highest quality of service and equipment. Having both will not only be great for the one time customer, but for repeat customers and word of mouth advertising as well.

How Much Does Aesthetic Equipment Cost?
The most popular aesthetic equipment is typically a massage or facial chair because the customer has to have some place to sit while you perform skin treatments. These chairs or in some cases beds can range anywhere between $200 for a stripped down version up to $4,000.

Another popular piece of aesthetic equipment is the microdermabrasion machine which is on the expensive side costing upwards of $8,000. These machines and beds are usually more expensive because of their extra features, such as electronic controls.

The expensive microdermabrasion machines are usually justified in their cost because they generally have more powerful, durable engines which result in stronger suction making the process of skin treatment time efficient compared to those that are slower and less expensive.

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