What is Moringa in San Diego?

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Moringa has entered the health food scene recently, so it is a good idea to educate oneself about its health benefits. Many supplement providers want to cash in on the craze, so be prepared to pick the correct and most useful supplements. For ages, it has been referred to as “the miracle tree,” which is the actual translation of its name from the Ethiopian Konso people.

To these people, the leaves of this tree are like magic. The tree itself is very hardy, as it can survive the worst drought. As such, they are very popular to grow in a land with a parse amount of trees. It has been credited with saving the lives of people during famine. It has 4 times the calcium of milk, triple the iron found in spinach and ten times the vitamin C of an orange.

Doctors in Africa and India have been known to use the plant to treat high blood pressure, anemia, and diabetes. Skin infections heal faster when a salve made with the leaves of Moringa is applied. It can also be burned as a fuel, used to fertilize crops, and fed to hungry livestock. It is preferred to use over olive oil. It also has the advantage of tasting good, whether cooked or raw.

While it has long been used as an ancient remedy and food supplement, over the past 10 years Moringa has gone global. They are being used to assist in the economic development of several developing nations because of their promising attributes and versatility. This provides work and good health for the workers who cultivate the trees.

Westerners have a renewed interest in the tree due to it being featured on “The View,” a popular talk show that airs on ABC network. Its metabolic qualities were showcased, making a food to use to slim down. It increases metabolism, has high nutritional value for its weight, and also acts as an antioxidant. Unlike some drugs, the natural Moringa has no side effects, making it friendly for the use of people of all ages and health. Moringa San Diego can be found today to help Americans benefit from this amazing plant as well.

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