What is core aeration?

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Home And Garden

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Although you may not give core aeration any thought, any professional landscaper will tell you that Huntersville core aeration is a very important part of making sure your lawn is healthy and well maintained. Soil, over time, has the tendency to pack down and in doing so can get so hard that fewer nutrients can penetrate the surface, reaching the grass roots. This; along with a less effective watering can quickly lead to a damaged lawn.

Huntersville core aeration is recommended for all soil types but it is extremely important to aerate the soil if it is heavy and dense. Sandy soil may not need aeration as frequently, but even this type of soil can benefit. Sandy soil is loose by nature, this allows the water to reach the root system better and it also provides much needed oxygen to the roots.

There are a number of benefits when a homeowner arranges for lawn aeration; first, the roots will be much healthier if they are growing in loose soil. Aeration also helps to allow nutrients from fertilizer reach the roots and it also helps to drain off heavy rains and excessive water from irrigation.

Huntersville core aeration can be done in two ways although both of them take some specialized equipment. The methods either spike the soil or actually pull a small plug of soil out of the ground. As the spiking method actually compresses the soil even more, the core removal method is almost always used. Although the lawn surface may look messy when the cores have been pulled, in a couple of days they have broken down and are no longer visible.

The best times of the year to aerate your lawn is in the early spring and again in the late fall. In the spring, the grass is returning from its dormant period and will grow very quickly. Because the grass is robust at this time it will recover quickly from any trauma it suffered. The best time to sow seed on the lawn is immediately after aeration has taken place, the soil is ready to accept the new seed which can quickly take hold in the broken down plugs of soil. Many lawn care companies use a hybrid machine that aerates and seeds at the same time.

Huntersville core aeration is an important facet in ensuring a green and healthy lawn. Contact Proformance Turf to arrange this valuable service.

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