What are The Three Main Types of Services in Car Body Repair?

by | Oct 29, 2011 | Automotive

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Your car is an important part of your daily life alongside being the symbol of your status in society. It is only natural, that like all other car owners, you want your vehicle to look its best every time it hits the roads. Overuse can cause strain and damage of parts that may need repair. By taking your car to an auto service center, you get every repair done at affordable rates and get your vehicle back in good running shape. Did you know that many of these repair centers dedicate an entire team of professionals to services in car body repair?


Well, how well the car body is maintained reflects on its outer appearance. In an unfortunate case of collision or accident, many parts of the auto body might suffer damages that need exclusive attention. Further on, replacement of parts of the car body might also be needed. Depending on the various types of cases that are handled by these centers of auto repair, auto body services are of the following main types.


Dent Repair:  The very first sign of an accident or a collision is the presence of dents on the car body. Dents can be ugly if they are more than one in number. They change the shape of the model and exert unnecessary pressure on the internal parts that can cause breakage. Small dents can be easily fixed using magnetic tools and vacuum gadgets. In case of larger dents the specific part of the auto body is replaced using similar parts provided by the repair center.


Car Painting: Any kind of replacement or damage in the outer car body can be covered up using spray painting. Vehicles that have lost their outer shine owing to routine usage can be made to look as fresh as new with these painting services. Nowadays, multiple shades are used to create personalized patterns according to the taste of the vehicle owner. This gives a distinct flavor to your vehicle. You get longstanding car paints that do not wear with time. Through efficient painting services, many vehicles damaged in accidents have been resurrected.


Glass Repair: The body repair services also include options of replacing damaged or old glass. You can get new tinted glasses used in your car windows that give it an elegant finish. In most cases of glass repair, the new replacements are brought in from reliable providers of vehicle glass. This could include leading manufacturers of cars and auto parts.


Not all auto services centers extend services in car body repair. Long Island City, NY residents must remember they must go for services of reliable auto service centers. Those centers which offer car body repair at easily affordable rates can be relied upon for all round vehicle repair services.



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