What are carpet cleaning machines?

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Carpet cleaning machines are used to remove dirt, dust, stains and other debris such as pet hair from carpets. Although carpets are subject to regular vacuuming it does not clean as deep or as thorough as a carpet cleaning machine. Vacuums are great to pick up bits of soil and food that have not yet been ground in but once the dirt is deeply imbedded in the carpet a vacuum will be of little use and Minneapolis carpet cleaning machines must be brought in.

There is both wet and dry carpet cleaning machines. Wet machines are often called steam cleaners or hot water extraction. These machines are often used in a residence and can rented if the homeowner wishes to tackle the job or brought into the home by professional carpet cleaners. These machines spray a mixture of very hot water and a cleansing agent onto the carpet and the immediately suck the resulting water up and depositing it in a holding tank. This is a great way to clean carpets, the only thing to be conscious of is not getting the carpet too wet which may shrink it.

Professional carpet cleaners use a heavy duty version of the machine noted above. The water temperature is very close to boiling and the suction used in removing the dirty water and debris is much stronger, this shortens the drying time considerably. These extractors are really the best for deep cleaning a carpet.

There are also dry cleaning machines available. When Minneapolis carpet cleaning is done with a dry chemical powder these machines are little more than a powerful vacuum. Once the dirt in the carpet has been drawn to the dry chemical like a magnet, the machine sucks up the powder and dirt. A machine of this nature is far less expensive than a steam extractor but the job that it does is also less effective. Dry cleaning is not effective at cleaning carpets which are heavily soiled or stained.

There is a number of carpet cleaning machines available and for the homeowner who is determined to care for their own carpets purchasing one may be a good solution. This type of equipment can be expensive, especially machines which have a powerful motor for maximum suction. This is very true when the choice is a wet machine. Instead of shouldering the cost of the machine and then taking the time that is needed to do a good job many homeowners find it to their benefit to hire a professional Minneapolis carpet cleaning service.

Steamatic of the Twin Cities is a Minneapolis carpet cleaning company that employs the most advanced hot water extraction system known. The system is patented and deep cleans the carpet with super-heated water and water softener; no chemicals or detergents are used.

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