Warrior Cigars – Low Cost and Great Taste

by | Aug 21, 2012 | Shopping

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Warrior cigars are a brand of filtered cigars. They can be purchased by the carton in a variety of flavors including full-flavored, light, and menthol. While you can find these cigars at tobacco stores or at some other outlets, you will get the best discount on cartons by purchasing them on line from a cigar shop.

Why do some people enjoy a smaller, filtered cigar rather than the larger full-sized regular cigars? The smaller filtered cigars are much more convenient to carry, as they come in packs similar to cigarettes. These smaller cigars look and smoke like a cigarette, but with the rich smooth flavor of a cigar. You are getting the convenience of a cigarette with the great taste of a cigar.

Another great reason that cigar lovers like these smaller filtered cigars is that they are far less expensive than regular-sized cigars. If you have trouble paying the price of a regular-sized cigar, you will find that filtered cigars are much more affordable.

Warrior cigars have a light, mellow taste with a slight sweetness on the tip. Many cigar enthusiasts enjoy them as their favorite brand of filtered cigar. They are made with all natural tobacco and also wrapped in tobacco leaf. This differs from cigarettes that are wrapped with a paper filter.

Filtered cigars are also different from little cigars. Little cigars are smaller than filtered cigars. A filtered cigar is much closer to a regular cigar in that little cigars are similar in size to cigarettes. Even though filtered cigars may be purchased in packs similar to cigarettes, you do not smoke them in the same way. You smoke a filtered cigar the same as you would smoke a regular cigar. You do not inhale them as you would cigarettes; rather, you smoke them slowly while savoring the flavor.

Many tobacco stores and convenience stores, as well as other outlets carry the Warrior brand. However, why go to the trouble of driving to the tobacco or convenience store when you can simple go online and purchase them from the comfort of your own home at an online cigar shop? You will find that online cigar shops have the best deals and the biggest variety in choices of cigar products. No matter what your taste in cigars, you are sure to find what you are looking for at an online cigar shop.

If you are looking for a low-cost alternative to full-sized cigars, Warrior cigars are a great choice. You will enjoy the premium tobacco taste. For the very best deals, order these cigars online. You won’t believe the savings you receive per carton on filtered cigars.

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