Vietnam vet donations helping New Jersey Service the Community

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The New Jersey Veterans association provides a vital need to the far-reaching community. The faithful volunteers work hard collecting donations ultimately helping those who sacrificed so much in the Vietnam War fighting for our countries many freedoms. The program raises awareness of the wars history sharing records, monuments and the experiences of those who lived and died in Vietnam.

NJVVMF spreads the word of its many services and programs to loved ones and friends of vets who visit so that they may encourage the veterans they know to visit. Large numbers of soldiers and their families are not aware of the useful services available to them. The NJ team hopes to reach every service man and woman in need of their support and guidance.

At the Vietnam vet donations program vets can find answers and connections to these services. In addition, they learn about the many on site services they may also find useful and close to home, enriching their lives. Many veterans struggle alone with serious health concerns and personal issues unaware there are services in place to help them resolve such hardships. There is no need for these proud service men and women to struggle alone. America is grateful for the sacrifices they have made and its government is committed to meeting the needs and hardship they face as result of their service.

The New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation offers a wide range of art depicting historical monuments and heroes. These memorials and statues include the Purple Heart memorial, the U.S. Dog memorial, and the Meditation Garden and more all exhibiting breath taking art. Restoration projects display many untold stories bringing to light the reality of the war, the missions and the efforts of our military. The museum includes numerous exhibits, video testimonies, a resource library, unsung heroes and an array of other tributes.

When you donate to the veterans, your money may go to any such projects, charity, art or stickers and merchandise for the gift shop, all raising money for the vets. The programs and need are many, the memorial, museum and education center has much to see. In fact, it is a fine piece of our nations history everyone should see for him or herself.

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