Using Satellite Phones on Hunting Trips and Other Expeditions

by | Jun 29, 2012 | Uncategorized

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One of the reasons many people choose to be involved in outdoor activities such as big-game hunting, river rafting, rock climbing, mountain climbing, and survival wilderness camping is to get away from the noise and pollution of contemporary culture and get back to nature. An excursion on raft down the Colorado River would seem somehow marred if you checked your Facebook once an hour and updated your blog every night by campfire. Survival wilderness excursions into the Australian outback wouldn’t seem quite the same if you spent a large portion of your time texting friends or checking out the latest celebrity news online. Although it is possible to do all of these things if you take advantage of a highly mobile satellite phone rental package, they are not the reason most adventurous types choose to bring a satellite phone along.

Many of the areas where true adventure and communion with nature takes place are remote from cellular towers and far removed from other aspects of modern civilization. Using a satellite phone rental in order to have some contact with emergency professionals is a safety measure that provides the added benefit of security should some unforeseen emergency situation arise.

Many gear companies contract with providers to offer a satellite phone rental package tailored to meet the specific needs of your expedition. If you have no intention of keeping up with your social networks while tracking and hunting big game in the jungles of Zimbabwe, the provider may be able to limit your options so you’ll pay less for your satellite phone rental bundle.

One of the chief benefits of using a satellite phone on an expedition is that it allows total coverage of any open terrain on the planet, whether you are monitoring the behaviors of bears who are fleeing the melting polar ice caps or hiking up into the Himalayas to visit an ancient Buddhist monastery—you will still have contact with the outside world. Sat-phones connect with satellites, usually low earth orbital constellations that cover the circumference of the earth so that there is a satellite overhead at every location any time of day. This allows continuous communication without reliance upon archaic landlines or local cellular tower structures.

Moreover, Sat-phones are highly durable, engineered originally for military use, and capable of withstanding the elements, whether water, sand, or extreme winds. Taking advantage of an Iridium satellite phone rental is ultimately cheaper than purchasing, especially if you only plan to use a Sat-phone on rare occasions for short-term events.

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