Uses of Enterprise Videos

by | Nov 16, 2012 | Computer And Internet

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Media use is more and more important to businesses and enterprises. Enterprise video, or the videos made by and for a business enterprise can be important for advertizing, education or communication. Enterprise videos need to be done well, but they also need to be distributed properly. It’s hard to have a bigger company and distribute enterprise videos around in a meaningful way. Digital means have improved a lot over time, but video files are still big clunky things, and can be difficult to directly transfer P2P (peer to peer). One of the more popular solutions is cloud services. Ultimately though, what matters most is doing the due diligence for your specific needs and capabilities. Video services matter for a lot of different aspects. Education may be the most important use of video displays though. It’s hard to make a good enterprise video for the purposes of employee training, but it’s important to have access to your own.

Employee training is one of the most important parts of any job. It’s hard for a new employee to just know what you want out of them, what might seem obvious to an employer might take some explanation to the employee. Elements of management aren’t easily intuited either, and require education and explanation. For either case you want more than just an enterprise video to do so, you need other elements to the education, but video can help a lot. There are other uses for media besides education. Advertisement can be important, though typically enterprise video, the type that needs hosting, is different from advertizing videos. However, it does help highlight the importance of media in the modern world.

People are used to having things in many different forms of media, and a video can help show things difficult to show in text. Text is great for certain things because it’s very straight forward, and transportable. If you can remember how to do specific steps, then having your work listed in steps can help you remember how to do it. On the other hand, videos can help show how something is done. Physical instructions are very hard to give in text form, the best way to learn manual tasks is to do them by hand and to see them being done. Showing an enterprise video as a primer to the actual training can be a great way to familiarize themselves with the sometimes complex procedures. Hosting these important videos can be difficult, as there are other uses than education. It’s possible to hold a DVD or VHS in the store or office, but when the videos are used for more complex and varied lessons it can be hard to keep everything stocked up. Enterprise videos can also help familiarize existing employees with new plans and policies.

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