Used Honda Engine Tips for Stress-Free Buying

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Automotive

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Frequently people choose a used Honda engine to replace the current motor in their Accord, Civic, or Passport. If their older vehicle is in good condition, replacing an old motor with high mileage is less expensive than buying a new vehicle.

Used engines are generally less expensive than a brand new motor. If the used engine is in good condition and cranks after installation, the buyer has made a wise decision. If the engine does not start, the buyer is inconvenienced by pulling the engine and returning it or spending more money to fix it.

There are several things to consider when buying a used Honda engine. The first is where to buy the engine. There are general salvage yards and companies that only deal with certain vehicle manufacturers. When you buy from a salvage yard, the engine generally has no guarantees. Used engine dealers, on the other hand, usually provide more information on the engine being bought.

Used Honda Engine Considerations

Buyers take the seller’s statements about an engine in good faith. It is not out of the norm to request documentation to support the seller’s claim that the used engine is suitable to use. At a minimum, ask the seller if

1. The claim on engine mileage can be supported. If the used engine is imported from Japan, there will be paperwork that will verify the mileage of the motor.

2. The engine has been inspected. Most reputable sellers will check for sludge around the manifolds and/or valves.

3. The engine has been tested for compression and leak down. If the motor has been tested, it is a selling feature and the results will readily be provided.

4. A written description of the engine that will be shipped will be supplied. Many sellers ship long block, meaning that the motor will not have wiring harnesses, manifolds, and other bolted on parts.

5. There is a written warranty. Reputable used engine dealers provide a limited warranty on their engines.

Engine World supplies used Honda engines. The engines are imported from Japan, are compression and leak down tested, and inspected for sludge. The motors are cleaned and shipped long block to the buyer with a 6 month limited warranty.

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