Unable to Work? Contact One of the Social Security Disability Attorneys in Missouri

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When Americans suffer a serious injury or illness and can no longer work, there are very few government assistance programs to help them. In fact for the first twelve months of their disability, they are required to pay all of their own living expenses, rely on private disability insurance or depend on the support of their family and friends. If they are proven to be terminally ill, with a life span under a year, they may apply for Social Security disability benefits immediately. However, for most people getting social security benefits is a long and difficult process even after one-year of disability. It will go more smoothly if they hire one of the Social Security disability attorneys in Missouri.

The attorney from the Grundy Disability Group understands how to fill out the complicated application form and to submit it to the proper Social Security office. When a person is disabled or suffering from a severe illness, they may not have the stamina to fill out all of the paperwork. Social Security disability attorneys in Missouri will meet with them and gather the needed information. The application requires that the person clearly show how their illness or injury prevents them from working. This requires that they list all of their previous jobs and what they were required to do. They have to list all of the machines they were required to use, state whether they had to sit or stand, and list all of the accommodations employers made to help them stay on the job.

If the Social Security staff person rejects their claim, they are entitled to a hearing before an administrative law judge. However, they will have to request this within 30 days. Not only will the disabled person and their lawyer be there, but a lawyer will be there representing the Social Security agency as well. They will explain why they believe that the person is able to continue working. If the person has not been working with an attorney, it’s not too late to hire one. They should do this as early as possible, to give the lawyer time to prepare. Browse Grundydisabilitygroup.com to read more.

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