Types Of Dental Braces Available In Downers Grove

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While teenagers are the usual age group we see wearing braces, adults can wear them too. Many times, adults who were once primarily focused on the needs of their children now want to straighten their teeth and have a healthier-looking smile. It is important to understand what options are available for braces in Downers Grove in order to make an informed decision.


For those that really need a dental brace option but don’t have a lot of money, metal is the perfect option. While many insurance companies will allow them, you may very well have to pay some out of pocket. However, the biggest and most annoying drawback to metal ones is that they are extremely visible and are considered the “old-school” version. Along with that, they are irritating to the cheeks and gums, and are usually warned against eating gum, caramel and other problematic foods such as corn, as they could be dislodged or moved by hard foods.


These options are customized and will hide behind the teeth. These options aren’t visible, though they cost more than ceramic and metal options because the process of making and attaching them are more complicated than with either other option. Not every orthodontist can provide this option, and many prefer not to because they are more difficult to place.

They may also not work well with smaller teeth and can cause problems with speech and eating.


Ceramic braces are more expensive than metal ones but less expensive than lingual options. They are typically made of white metal and clear elastic to blend in more with the teeth. This means they are less visible than metal options, but not as invisible as invisible ones.

One drawback to ceramic versions is that the ties can easily stain, so they must be replaced every month by the orthodontist. Because of how they are made, they can break and chip easily and do require more maintenance.


Invisible options are the preferred option for many because they are ultimately invisible. They are typically the most expensive option because they are made to be invisible. Technically, they are aligners that are custom-fitted and aren’t worn when brushing your teeth or eating. These work great for minor tooth problems. Browse the site www.oakbrookortho.com for more information

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