Treating Arthritis and Reducing Pain is Possible

by | Apr 16, 2012 | Health And fitness

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Peggy Winters was approaching 50 but had been suffering from arthritis in her wrist and lower arms for nearly 10 years, especially during the winter months. Every winter, the pain seemed to be gradually increasing until she no longer felt like she was able to function in her everyday life. “I would just sit and cry,” she says. “I tried everything. I took aspirin and other pain medication to try to relieve the pain, but that really did not work. I used ice packs, heating pads, massage therapy, an arm splint. The pain was just there, radiating and exacerbated when I used my arm or wrist. I thought there was no hope and started wishing I was no longer alive, just so I could be rid of the pain.”

Ms. Winters’ description of arthritis pain is typical of those who have severe forms of the disease. There are more than 100 different conditions which are summed up beneath the umbrella term “arthritis,” so learning how to deal with your own specific condition is key to attaining pain relief.

Usually, when non-invasive methods used in Texas for arthritis treatment prove to be ineffective, the patient may begin to consider what kind of surgical intervention may be available. There are several different types of surgery in Texas for arthritis treatment that cover a variety of types of arthritis. In Peggy Winters’ case, the orthopedic surgeon recommended and performed a procedure to treat arthrodesis. Arthrodesis is a type of bone fusion that causes inflammation, pressure and/or pain, making it difficult for the sufferer to bear weight with the affected joint. Ms. Winters was experiencing pain in her wrist that radiated into her upper forearm and only slight tingling sensations in her hands and fingers.

By fusing the bones in her wrist, Ms. Winters lost some flexibility. However, she was glad to trade that for a painless use of her hand and arms. “After recovery and occupational therapy for my wrist, I was able to function again without pain,” she says. “I could bear more weight in my arm, and even though I was more limited in its use, I was no longer suffering endless hours in pain to the point where I wanted to die. For me, that was worth it.”

There are many surgical options in Texas for arthritis treatment. People who suffer from arthritis should consult with an orthopedist to find out which option is right for them.

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