Tips For Recycling Scrap metal in NJ

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Metal recycling is a very popular type of recycling within the United States. Aluminum and steel can be recycled many times over. Scrap metal can be ferrous metals (iron and steel) or non ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, copper and tin). Home appliances like washing machines, dishwasher, refrigerators and stoves are typically made of metals. There are four stages to metal recycling: collection, processing, shredding as well as selling to small mills that manufacture steel. Recycling scrap metal in NJ requires approximately 75% less energy than using virgin materials. Presented below are some useful tips for recycling unwanted appliances.

When you buy a new home appliance, ask the company you purchased the device from to take your old appliance. Firms either dispose of the old unit or recycle it. You can also ask an expert to dismantle the discarded device and take out the recyclable components so you can take them to a recycling center in your locality. If the device is still working, you can donate it to a local charity or sell it over the internet.

Recycling scrap metal provides several advantages. Aluminum cans were first used as beverage cans in the year 1965. Today, aluminum cans are the most useful recyclable containers in the United States, because they can be recycled many times over. Aluminum recycling provides economic, community and environmental advantages. Environmental benefits comprise saving valuable natural resources, funds and energy. It takes only two months for old aluminum cans to be recycled into new ones. In the year 2007, a remarkable fifty four billion aluminum cans were reprocessed, thereby saving the energy of approximately fifteen million crude oil barrels.

The economic advantages of recycling aluminum containers are many. The aluminum industry purchases more than $800 million worth of empty containers to be reprocessed. This money can be donated to charity and non-profit organizations. Many of these organizations reprocess cans to generate funds for their organizations. Several local supermarkets have reprocessing machines. You feed a can or cans into an opening, and depending on the state that you reside in, you will receive a voucher that corresponds to the total number of cans you have submitted.


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