Tips For Auto Air Conditioning Maintenance

by | May 20, 2014 | Automotive

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No matter where you live it is hard to imagine not having a vehicle that is fully equipped with a functioning air conditioner unit. In the heat of summer it is nice to get a turn on your auto air conditioning unit to quickly bring down the temperature and make your drive home or in to work pleasant and comfortable.

Unfortunately, most people don’t stop to think about their auto air conditioning until it stops working. However, most people will notice some changes in the functioning of the unit that are a good sign that you need to have the air conditioning system serviced. A garage or auto repair shop that offers maintenance work can typically provide the service that you need from topping off the coolant to making sure all components re in good working order.

Coolant Levels

It isn’t uncommon for small leaks to occur in auto air conditioning units that slowly allow the refrigerant to escape from the system. Common signs that this is the issue include good air volume through the vents but the air is not cool or not as cool has it used to be.

While you can buy kits to refill the coolant, this is never a good idea as it doesn’t address the location of the leak. These kits are not inexpensive and, if it is a significant leak, you will end up needing a full repair anyway. Getting the repair done early and stopping the loss of coolant is a simple way to address the issue.

Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses can wear over time and with exposure to the heat from the engine when the vehicle is in operation. The belt runs from the engine to the compressor to power the air conditioning unit. If this belt becomes loose or damaged the compressor is not running effectively or not at all, preventing or limiting the amount of cold air you will feel in the vehicle. An auto air conditioning maintenance inspection once a year can catch damaged belts or hoses and replace them before any problems occur.

In addition an auto air conditioning maintenance check will also look at the fan motor, the fuses and the actual clutch that controls the operation of the air compressor unit. It can also address issues with thermostat problems and clogs in the system that may be limiting the functioning of the unit.

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