Three Commercial Dog Boarding Options in New York

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Our dogs are part of our family. They go everywhere they possibly can with us. Unfortunately, there are times when we have to leave them behind. When that happens, we have to think about dog boarding. In New York, there are several options available.

Each of these options has its appeal. They also have their professionals e.g. dog boarding services by NY Tails in New York and their amateurs such as your next door neighbor’s son or daughter. In the end, it is a combination of your dog’s needs, your time frame and even your budget that will help to influence what choice you will make among the following options including pet sitting and dog boarding in New York.

Dog Boarding in New York: Option One: Dog Sitting
If you really feel that your dog will do better at home, dog sitting and not traditional dog boarding in New York is maybe your best option. It provides a safe and familiar background in which your dog can feels safe and secure. Your dog knows you always come home so why not leave him or her at home with a professional sitter.

When considering this option, you must decide whether you want a daytime sitter or one that stays in your home. You must make up your mind whether you want someone to come in to feed and walk the dog several times a day or whether you want a service that involves all this plus quality time. In either case, you need to carefully vet the provider. This type of boarding service, like any other, can attract some individuals who are not suited to their occupation. Check references and make sure they have the right qualifications for the job.

In-Home Dog Boarding
Instead of leaving your dog at home, you have the option to leave him or her in someone else’s home. This type of in-home boarding facilities is not a kennel. It is more a cross between a kennel and a dog sitter.  Your dogs get to socialize with other canines but they do so under supervision and in more intimate surroundings than the traditional kennel.

 Traditional Dog Boarding in New York– Dog Kennels
If you believe in following set standards and a conventional path, the traditional kennel is the answer to your boarding issues. These facilities come in all styles but tend to feature separate runs as well as communal play areas. Before you consider such a facility, talk to the owners. Make sure they qualify. This is not the place to leave your dog if they are not used to being in a confined area.

Making the Decision about Dog Boarding
In the end, it is up to you. You will have to make the decision. You need to involve the dog on one level. Take him or her to the proposed kennel. Let your dog visit such obvious candidates as NY Tails. You can tell by his or her reaction whether this is the type of atmosphere that will suit your dog’s needs while you are away.

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