The Truth About Rebuilt Transmissions

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14531010_l-150x150There are a lot of different means to the word “rebuilt” and a lot of that has to do with the specific parts or equipment you are talking about. In the world of transmissions virtually any trannys that are put into a vehicle that has left the manufacturer’s assembly line are going to be rebuilt transmissions.

New is Really Rebuilt
There are some transmission shops that will tell you that they can put in a new transmission, but they will simply be putting in a new transmission to your vehicle, not a new out of the box transmission as you would see with other OEM parts that may need to be replaced. There are some specific types of automobiles, most notably Audi, that do sell new transmissions, but these are often much more costly than a rebuilt option.

Rebuilt transmissions are basically your original transmission simply repaired and, in many cases, completely upgraded to meet any new changes that the manufacturer now puts in similar transmissions in new vehicles off the lots. While this may seem unusual it really has to deal with the cost that would occur should you actually need a “new” transmission versus simply replacing the damaged parts of your existing transmission.

The Steps
Top quality rebuilt transmissions go through a complete step by step process to inspect, correct and replace any damage to the system. This starts by removing the transmission and taking it apart and inspecting each component. All parts of rebuilt transmissions are washed and cleaned and checked for wear or damage.

Gaskets, seals, bands, and all worn parts of rebuilt transmissions are replaced with completely new parts or with rebuilt parts, depending on the specific type of part and the damage noted.

In addition to just checking the physical issues the electrical parts are checked and replaced or repaired, then the rebuilt transmissions are put back together, installed and completely tested.

In some situations and with some shops the transmission will be sent to a specialized shop to be re-manufactured. While this may be faster in some cases than rebuilt transmissions, you also don’t have the personalized service that you have when your transmission shop completes the job on their own. We have been specializing in rebuilt transmissions for over 30 years. To see more about our services go to

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