The Tiny But Popular AAA Battery

by | Oct 13, 2012 | Uncategorized

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D, C, 9V, AA, AAA: These are some of the popular sizes available in commercial batteries that most people use in their homes. Depending on what you need them for, each type comes with a certain amount of power, and all of them are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Because small electronics are so common these days, the AAA is used more often than almost any other battery size.

You might be interested in stocking up on Rayovac Ultrapro Batteries AAA if your household is like the majority of others in the US, and you have a variety of small electronic devices. Many MP3 players and handheld CD players, remote controls, computer mice, electronic games, cameras, toys, and clocks use AAA batteries. The irony of this is that so many of us have an abundance of these items in our homes, yet when it’s time to change the batteries, there are no AAA’s to be found!

This problem might be because most of the devices we use AAA batteries for have a long life and use up only small amounts of power at a time. Remote controls, for example, seem to take months until their batteries start to wear down. Small clocks and smoke detectors can last even longer. So we don’t often think to stock up on Rayovac Ultrapro Batteries AAA when we head to the store. The good news is, websites like make it affordable and reliable to buy the batteries we need at low prices and have them shipped quickly.

Two basic types of AAA batteries are primary and rechargeable. The primary type is the “normal” type of battery we’ve been used to for decades. Primary batteries like Rayovac Ultrapro Batteries AAA would be best for long-term use with low-power devices like remote controls and clocks. Rechargeable batteries haven’t been around as long, but their convenience is making them very popular. They’re a bit more expensive than primary batteries, and they require a special charger that plugs into a wall outlet. But since most of them can be recharged hundreds of times, they definitely save you money over the long run! They’re best used in devices that you’ll use again and again, especially those that go through batteries quickly, like cameras and CD players.


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