The perks of condo living

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More and more, people are embracing condo living. During the 20th century the trend was towards single family homes in subdivisions and gated communities, it appears that the 21st century will be the era of condominium projects and condo living. There will always be people who prefer living in a subdivision and single family home construction will never be a thing of the past, but the signs are that more and more people are looking at vertical living.

Condos for sale in Brickell are relatively affordable when compared to purchasing a lot and building a house on it. An investment in a condo turns out to be considerably cheaper and certainly for many; more sensible. When you buy a condo there is no need for any involvement with contractors, architects etc. This is one of the things that attract many young executives or people with start-up families, they can simply move into a home that meets their financial situation without any headache in dealing with trades.

Condos are full of amenities that very few landed properties have. They are lovely swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts and quiet areas for a peaceful walk in the evening. Many condos are located close to the city center where night life and access to shopping abounds.

Regardless of how secure a subdivision a housing development may be, there is a constant threat from unsavory elements, this is not the case with condo living. As the access to the condominium building is limited, it is easy to secure the building. They are always fitted with closed circuit TVs which are monitored around the clock and many condos for sale in Brickell having roving guard services and a concierge desk to deal with visitors to the building.

As most condo units are compact and sensibly laid out, they are very easy to maintain, much more so than a house with all the rooms and various nooks and crannies. The common areas such as the elevators, lobby and grounds are all maintained by service personnel so all “outside” work is attended to by others.

For most young urban professionals as well as “empty nesters” location is important, condos are invariably close to the amenities that are important for both the young and the young at heart owners.

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