The Importance of Modern DC Motor Industrial Applications

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Electric Motor Store

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Electric motors play an important role in processing and manufacturing facilities. They are the force behind many types of drive systems and compressors. There are two basic types of motors in industrial applications, the AC and DC motor. Here are some reasons why direct current motors are important to specific applications.

What Does Direct Current Mean?

Direct current is the type of electricity you see from batteries. However, it also is produced from direct current generators. In DC (direct current) electricity, the flow of current is constant (direct), and it never varies. For example, when you connect a DC motor to a direct current power source, the electric current always flows from the negative to the positive terminals. This is not the case with alternating current (AC) equipment.

How Direct Current Differs from Alternating Current

Alternating current is in a constant state of change. It does not use negative and positive terminals because the current changes polarity many times each second. AC electricity always flows from the live (hot) terminal to the ground terminal and into the ground. Why would someone want electricity which constantly changes polarities?

Most electric power comes from large generators in power plants. Some of this power is transmitted many miles through cables, and high-voltage alternating current is better for this application. Also, high-voltage AC power is easily reduced to lower voltages with AC transformers, and this is the reason you can receive all the electricity you want and need at home. DC power is not as easily converted from high to low voltage.


The DC motor is often used for precise speed control. It delivers higher torque than the AC motor. Some uses include:
• Conveyors
• Cranes
• Hoists
• Elevators
• Sewing machines

Industrial direct current motors are expensive, and many companies invest in remanufactured motors to help lower operating costs and increase efficiency.

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