The Importance of a Bariatric Recliner

by | Mar 22, 2013 | Uncategorized

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When a patient needs to give blood for an extended period of time, comfort is absolutely everything for both them and the technician they’re working with. While some may be there willingly, others may need blood drawn for medical reasons. For those patients, it’s incredibly easy for them to feel uneasy and nervous during the procedure. When your office is equipped with comfortable, high-quality furniture – you can ensure that each and every donor is able to comfortably relax while their blood is being taken. If you’re considering making an upgrade in the near future, think about the importance of a bariatric recliner.

Fully Functional
On the flip side, a new bariatric recliner could also benefit your staff, as well. When your office furniture is old and out dated, you may not even be aware that you’re making their job harder than it has to be! Modern recliners allow the patient to recline comfortably while still enabling the technician to be close and comfortable while doing their job. There are even beds available with electronic controls, allowing ease of use when adjusting height via an electronic foot pedal. No more uncomfortable and awkward pumping to get your patient to where they need to be!

Going Portable
In some scenarios, you may need a bariatric recliner that is easy to move and relocate. Whether you’re transporting a patient down a hallway or you frequent public areas to encourage blood donation, there are plenty of reasons why a portable recliner would come in handy. Just because a bed is portable doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable! Look for recliners that feature casters on the bottom that lock into place. These beds carry the same function as other bariatric furniture, but they allow you to move the patient with ease.

Accommodating All Patients
These specialty recliners are designed to accommodate patients of all shapes and sizes. You’ll never be in an uncomfortable scenario where a patient is too large or small to be accommodated by your practice, and you can ensure that every single donor is comfortable during their experience with your firm. Keep in mind that word of mouth is incredibly important in the medical community, and a good experience for one patient could keep a steady stream of business coming through your doors. By doing all you can to ensure your patients are accommodated to the fullest extent, you’ll be bettering your business overall.

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