The components that make up a home security system

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No matter where you live, times are changing. It used to be that crimes against property were rare and when they did occur, rarely were they in the suburbs. This is no longer the case, residential break-ins are on the increase and it really doesn’t matter where you live. To make things worse, many municipal police departments are downsizing their force so the chances of having a roving police officer be in the neighborhood when the crime is being committed is becoming rare.

Knowing these things is forcing many homeowners to take matters into their own hands by having security systems in Lancaster PA installed. Fortunately, the security industry has not been sleeping, the components and the features of today’s security systems is outstanding. There are many options available when you sit down and plan a system that will be effective for you and your particular situation.

The brain of any security system, no matter how simple or how sophisticated is the control panel and key pad. These pieces of equipment are used to program the system. A security system at its most basic is of little value without some sort of warning device, this is usually a loud bell or siren. The idea behind the noise is two-fold; one, it alerts the neighbors so they can call the police and secondly, it will scare the intruder off before he can finish what he set out to do.

There are a number of ways security systems in Lancaster PA can be activated and de-activated. The basic system is entering a code into the control panel when you leave the home and again when you return. There are also transmitters that are similar to a car alarm, they hang from your keychain and turn the system on and off. The newest technology is voice recognition. The system is trained to respond to the voices of only those in the family.

The sensors that can be employed are the old standbys that trip when a door or window is forced, there are also sensors that detect an intruder by a heat signature as well as motion detectors. Rather than wait for the intruder to get to the building, his presence can be detected 30 or 40 feet from the door.

Protecting your home against all peril has never been easier, you can manage your system from your smartphone or laptop. You can turn the lights on and off remotely, view live video and many other sophisticated options. For security systems in Lancaster PA, call Knight Security Systems, Inc. to discuss the details.

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