The Advantages of Using a Full Car Repair Service in Chicago

by | Mar 6, 2014 | Automotive

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Living in Chicago is exciting, but the weather and city living can be hard on vehicles. Smart area vehicle owners use full-service, independent car services in Chicago. Businesses such as Spotlight Automotive are highly professional, yet charge much less than dealers, and offer services that include:

DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN WORK:  Unlike dealerships, which often specialize in the models they sell, the experts at Spotlight Automotive provide car service in Chicago for a wide range of vehicles. Their factory-trained staff works with Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, among many others.  They are experienced with insurance and warranty work. In addition, experienced technicians have access to cutting-edge equipment that allows them to work with anti-lock brakes, airbags, and all vehicle electronic systems.

VEHICLE RECONDITIONING:  Chicago hail, winter elements, valet parking, dings from parking on the curb, and other hazards often leave cars dented and scratched. However, full-service cars specialists in the area provide fast and affordable refinishing designed to keep vehicles looking their best. Repairs can include pointless dent repair, alloy wheel refinishing, and scratch removal. Technicians can also provide fast bumper repair and refinishing.

DETAIL SERVICES:  Automotive specialists offer complete, expert detailing services that can make a car look like new. The process rejuvenates a vehicle’s interior, exterior, trunk, wheels, wheel wells, and engine. In addition to restoring cars, detailing also protects the exterior and interior from wear.

LEASE RETURN:  Leased vehicles have to be inspected before they are turned in at the end of leasing periods. This can be a stressful and expensive process if repairs are needed. However, an automotive shop such as Spotlight can repair minor damage, so that manufacturers do not assess extra charges.

PARTS INSTALL:  Car owners who want to customize or repair their cars often order unique parts, and then find that they are unsure of how to install them. Car specialists solve this problem with their install service. They will ensure that owners have ordered the correct part, and then correctly install it. Specialists also guide customers who need help ordering the right parts.

Chicago drivers rely on auto care specialists to keep vehicles beautiful in spite of the damage urban living can cause. Specialists can recondition and detail any model, and will get leased cars ready for manufacturer inspections. They also install parts that clients have ordered.

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