Sunrooms in Westchester County can Increase the Quality of Life

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Home And Garden

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A sunroom is a room added to one’s house that is mostly enclosed in glass. Sunrooms in Westchester County have many advantages to a family’s house and their life. First concerning the home, a sunroom greatly improves one’s view. If you are a person who appreciates the value of nature and enjoys being able to wake up and experience the full brilliance of the sun breaking through the clouds, then a sunroom is for you. Imagine being able to enjoy the weather at any time whether it be a soothing gentle rain or the first flakes of snow without having to go outside. sunrooms are usually designed with a couple of single sitting pieces so people are able to enjoy nature at their pleasure.

Sunrooms also increase the living space of the house because they are an addition to the house. Sometimes, people choose to make their porch into a sunroom, which is a great idea because they are able to utilize the totality of the space year round, even in the winter months. Sunrooms are insulated so that there is constant climate control inside of the room. Sunrooms not only protect from the bitter cold of the winter but also from the harmful UV rays that are prevalent throughout the summer months. Sunrooms do all of the above mentioned actions without additional energy costs because they do not use energy. Sunrooms support Green living. The high quality glass used in the making of the sunroom is designed to transfer the sun’s energy into heat for the room and the insulation retains the heat in the colder months.

Another benefit of Sunrooms in Westchester County is increased home value. A sunroom increases the square footage of one’s house. This fact alone, along with the additional cosmetic increase, greatly appeals to appraisal companies if, and when, you choose to sell the house. Sunrooms are very inviting and can be used to support a number of guests when events are being held at the house also. Overall, sunrooms provide homeowners with the experience to truly live and enjoy the lifestyle that they deserve.

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